Kitchen Backsplash

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Kitchen Backsplash Designs 

Tumbled Quartz Backsplash

Getting the perfect backsplash comes down to 3 things

1) Color

2) Style

3) Texture


If any of the three are missing – something will be off. Take the picture shown. This client wanted her kitchen splash to carry on with the traditional style of the rest of her kitchen and house. She began the process by looking at a noce tumbled marble – the tumbled marble could carry the texture and style – but something was missing in the color. It did nothing to enhance the counters. When she saw the tumbled quartz – which could carry her traditional style, but also gave her the right color combination, she knew she had a winner.

Hello Kitty Ceramic Tile Photos

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Hello Kitty Takes A Shower

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Hello Kitty

Kitty White, of London

She’s a global billion-dollar phenom called Hello Kitty. And she’s recently added a new ceramic tile collection to her credits. Adoring fans – yes there is even a website called “how to be obsessed with Hello Kitty” – will now be able to incorporate their childhood friend into bathroom, bedroom and even kitchen designs.

Just imagine brushing your teeth with the snow white kitten cheering you on. Or picture kitty peaking out at you as you grab a quick snack from the fridge. How inviting she is.

Since her Japanese debut in 1974 – Hello Kitty has had a knack for creating fans. Originally aimed at pre- adolescent girls, it didn’t take long for the cute kitty to realize she had a much broader appeal.

A fictional character produced by the Japanese company, Sanrio, Hello Kitty is portrayed as a white female Japanese bobtail cat who sports a red bow on her left ear. She has a twin sister named Mimmy who wears a bow on her right ear.

Her list of high-end products include a commercial jet (Airbus A330-200), a jewelry line released at Neiman Marcus in 2005,  and a wine collection which rolled out in 2010.

Hello Kitty’s tile collection – 100% made in Italy by Gamma Due and distributed by Happy Floors – can be purchased in the United States at The Stone Quarry, 226 Center St. A-7, Jupiter, Fl 33458.

Create timeless designs in black and white; or give way to the little girl within and opt for that perfect pink.

Hello Kitty tiles come in everything from fun to sophisticated – and have something for all ages. Tiles embossed with textured bow ties will ensure a slip resistant flooring – safety first. And there is even a limited edition series that is adorned with Swarovski Elements.

For more information call 561-747-7474.

Test your Hello Kitty knowledge.


Hello Kitty is a nickname – what is the kitten’s given name?


Answer: Kitty White


Where was Hello Kitty born?


Answer: in the suburbs outside of London.

What species is Hello Kitty?


Japanese bobtail cat


Who created Hello Kitty?


Answer: Japanese animator Yuko Shimizu