About us is actually all about You.

Without you, all we have is a jumble of gorgeous materials. Tiles. Stones. Mosaics. Cabinets. Etc.

You are the force that guides us. Your taste inspires us. You enable us to pull together different elements to create a masterpiece that reflects you.

Our philosophy is that there are no cookie-cutter kitchens, baths or living areas. Each should be unique.

Your home is the backdrop of life. It should fit you.

What makes us tick – is discovering you. At the end of the day – our satisfaction comes from hearing you say: “I love, love, love what you’ve done.”

Our footprint is small. This allows us to keep cost down, but does not allow us to showcase everything in our warehouses. Once we get a feel for your taste, we may need to bring in other samples.

Most of our business is word of mouth.

We’ve been open since 1993.

Stop by and see us. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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