Coral Stone Tile in Jupiter, Florida

Coral Stone Tile is used in both interior and exterior applications. Once a burgeoning aquatic eco-system, this amazing natural stone is a perfect fit for South Florida’s Coastal living environment.

Uses For Coral Stone

Coral Stone Pool Deck – Because of it’s natural, non-slip texture, coral stone pool deck applications are popular with homeowners who want to limit the potential for slipping on wet surfaces. In addition, the material tends to conduct the heat, making it cooler under foot.

Coral Stone Pavers – This natural stone comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be used as a tile or as a Coral Stone Paver. The paver format is generally used in exterior applications as opposed to interior applications.

Interior Flooring – Bring the beauty of the sea into your living areas and create a natural coastal backdrop by using coral stone. The material is available in a honed and filled format, which is more suitable for indoor use.

Architectural Elements – Coral stone can be ordered in a nearly endless variety of sizes and shapes. The stone’s versatility makes it a great fit for custom fireplaces, fountains, decorative urns, columns, crown molding, etc. 

Coral Stone vs Travertine

Both coral stone and travertine have holes. Both can be filled. Both are a form of limestone. 

Coral stone is formed in a seabed, while Travertine is formed in a hot mud spring.

Generally speaking, travertine is a little denser/harder material. Generally speaking, coral stone will be less slippery than travertine and cooler under foot when used in a pool deck application.

As with many natural stones, both coral stone and travertine could have considerable variation.

Like travertine, the coral stone is available in more than one color. Some coral stone leans more white, some has a yellow cast and some picks up some rust and grey tones.

Some may be really open-textured and suitable only for walls or exterior applications. 

Coral Stone Sizes/Thickness

Unlike marble, limestone and travertine, the coral stone is not available in a ½ thick tile format.

Factories cut the material in a thicker format to reduce the amount of breakage. Some coral can come as thin as 3/4”. But other varieties of coral must be at least 1” thick.

Most coral is available in standard sizes, as well as special order sizes.

Standard sizes include: 12×12, 16×16, 18×18 and 24×24.

Home Grown Stone

Coral Stone is one of the few natural stones quarried in Florida.

While coral is also available from other parts of the world, the Florida version of coral stone has its own unique charm because it’s local.

Old World Charm

Coral Stone can be seen on perimeter walls throughout Palm Beach County. The ruggedness of the material is part of it’s charm. Even some cities have used this material to clad their “welcome to” signs.

coral stone molding
coral stone square column