Home Remodeling Jupiter Fl

What To Do First

For many, remodeling can create an almost palpable feeling of dread. I know. I hear it all the time from those seeking Home Remodeling Jupiter Fl. 

“It’s just so overwhelming,” a recent client shared as she walked in the door. 

She looked around for a split second and, with a sigh, exclaimed, “I’m never going to find anything.”

Home Remodeling Jupiter, Fl

Recognize You Need Help

Why did she say that? Because she didn’t know where to begin. Someone who has never driven a car doesn’t just jump in the vehicle, turn the key and instantly know how to drive. They need a little help.

It’s the same with remodeling. 

It’s a process. It starts with finding someone with experience and patience who can help you navigate the process. 

Remodeling is fun. It’s not like filing a tax return,  sitting in line at the DMV or getting a root canal.

I think for most, that sense of dread comes from fear.


This is a legitimate concern. Realtors call it over improving. In short, it just means that the home value does not go up as much as the improvement costs.

For example, let’s say you bought a home for $450,000 and spent $50,000 on improvements. That brings the cost of the home to $500,000.

When you go to sell, the home only brings $490,000. The   $10,000 difference would be considered an over improvement.

On the flip side – an argument can be made that those improvements could be lumped into the same category as buying new furniture or a new car.

You don’t get the value out of a new car or furniture when you sell. You get the value out of how much joy the products bring.

I recently had a family in who remodeled a bathroom. When the mother questioned the wisdom of spending the extra money on marble, her grown daughter encouraged her to do something nice for herself. She ended up getting the marble.

There is a popular saying going around: “Life is short. Buy the shoes!”

That being said, we all have budgets. And The Stone Quarry of Jupiter has products to fit just about any budget.


Of all the underlying fears, I’d say this one tops the charts. It’s a valid concern. The trick here is finding someone to work with who listens.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who’ve told me how much they love their floors, bathrooms, cabinets, etc.  But two stand out.

One lady was referred to me by an installer. This young mother had purchased materials (not from me). The installer finished the job and the client was in tears.

She showed me photos of the bathroom and honestly, it was gorgeous. But after I spent 10 minutes with this young mother, I realized that whoever designed this bathroom did not know the first thing about this woman. 

The room was totally glitzy and she didn’t have an ounce of glitz in her.

We spent a couple of hours together. This gave me time to get to know her taste and armed me with what I needed to make suggestions. When her project was finished, she was all smiles.

Another client spent 6 months agonizing over various materials for her floor. After much searching, I finially found a material that fit her perfectly. It was the right look at the right price. 

As the material was being delivered to the jobsite, she called in a panic asking if she’d made a mistake. I assured her that she was going to love her new floor. 

I wasn’t just saying that. When you spend as much time together as we had, you get to know someone’s taste. Turns out, I was right. She loved her new floor.

Pick The Right Team

Once you have recognized that you need help, the next step is to pick a good team.

Part of determining who should be on your remodeling team will be based on the size and scope of your job. 

To determine that, ask yourself these questions.

  1.  Am I just doing flooring?
    If you are just having new flooring installed, chances are you only need a tile contractor. Eliminating the G.C. could save you money.

  2.  Do I need to pull permits. 
    If you are pulling permits, that could be an indication that you need to hire a G.C. But that is not always the case.

  3. What is my comfort zone?
    Some clients don’t need a G.C. Others would not do any job without a G.C.

  4. Am I going to do the job all at once or break it up into parts?
    Some clients will break the job into parts. This can make the job easier to manage. It can also help with budget concerns.

Whatever the case, take a deep breath and take that first step toward home remodeling Jupiter Fl. You can do this!