Limestone Tile in Palm Beach County

Limestone tile is available in an almost endless array of colors, sizes, textures and finishes. With so many choices, it’s possible to create just about any look imaginable using  limestone tile.

Where to Use Limestone Tile

Interior Uses– Limestone can be used for floors and walls in every area of the home, including bathrooms. While the material has been used for counter tops, it is not as resistant to wear as some of the newer materials on the market. A bathroom counter that gets little use may be a great application for a limestone counter, but it would be wise to select a different material for higher traffic counter top areas. Exterior Uses – Limestone flooring tiles also make a great exterior cladding, suitable for pool decks, patios, and other landscape features. Each specific limestone varies from the next, so be sure to check on factors such as slip resistance and  stain resistance when making your choice.

Bad Rap

There are various types of limestone flooring. Some may think that all types of limestone flooring are porous, because they have had a bad experience with a porous limestone. But that is not the case. Some limestones are harder and denser than marble. Others are very porous. All limestone cannot be lumped into one category in terms of performance features.

What Countries Produce Limestone

Limestone is quarried from all around the world. Popular limestone on the market today comes from: France, Germany, Egypt, Jerusalem, Turkey and the United States.

Limestone Flooring Tile Sizes

Limestone is available in a large variety of sizes, including 12×12, 16×16, 18×18 and 24×24. Some factories are even producing even larger sizes, such as 18×36, 24×48 and larger.

Tantalizing Textures

Polished and honed are pretty much standard textures for natural stone, but some limestone is also available in other surfaces. Brushed – This is a treatment that  adds a little texture to the surface, sometimes even exposing some hidden veins for greater visual excitement. Flamed – This treatment adds even more texture and is often used outside where more slip resistance is desired. Leathered– The leathered finish falls between the brushed and flamed finish.
Limestone 2
Gold Limestone