Marble Tile in Jupiter Florida

Admired for its timeless elegance and decorating potential, marble tile floors remain a staple in home design. Here at The Stone Quarry of Jupiter, we’ve searched the world over, to bring together a color pallet of remarkable marble floor tiles to enhance your unique project.

Whether your remodeling a bathroom or building a home, marble tile makes a suitable backdrop for any room in the house.

Marble isn’t just for floors. Some of the many areas marble tile is used include: Marble tile for bathroom walls and floors; Marble backsplash in kitchen; Marble Paver pool decks; Marble patios, Marble fireplace surrounds and Marble bathroom vanity tops.

Marble Tile For Bathroom
White marble tile or white and grey marble tile are still a good choice for bathrooms. Referred to as “classic looks”, they have weathered changing styles and remain hugely popular.

These marble tiles flow easily between traditional or contemporary décor depending on the other elements added to the room. Marble tile showers are beautiful, but do require more maintenance than porcelain. Because of this, some opt to use porcelain for the shower walls and marble for the rest of the bathroom.

Many ask if putting marble tile on bathroom floor is slippery. A few drops of water and most floor tiles can be slippery. Even so, marble tile is used on bathroom floors all the time. Rather than forgoing using marble, most simply lessen the risk of slipping by using a bathmat. The bathroom is a perfect place for Marble mosaic tile. Often, marble tile mosaic is used in the back of niches or as the shower floor. More and more, marble mosaics are being used as feature walls inside of showers and in other areas of the bathroom.

Popular Marble Sizes
In the past, 12×12 marble tiles were the staple. But as the flooring market has gone towards larger formats, marble sizes have followed suit. At one point, 18×18 tiles were considered large. Now 24×24 marble tile is standard fare, even for bathroom floors.

The 12×24, seen as more modern than the traditional square tile, has become another popular size, spurred on by the rise in contemporary interiors. The rectangle being seen as more modern that the traditional square tile. Along those same lines, some factories, have rolled out 24×48 marble tile, this in an effort to satisfy the growing demand for less grout and larger sizes.

Polished versus Honed Marble

Whether one selects Polished marble or Honed Marble depends on several factors. Polished marble tile is elegant. It has a tendency to be formal and reads cool, rather than warm. By contrast, Honed marble tile, can be a little warmer. Polishing marble does close down the “pores” and makes the stone less likely to stain, which can be a bonus. Those concerned about their marble floor being too slippery will often choose the honed marble texture.

marble backsplash blue and white flower from MS International SMOT-AZULA-FLORP
danza arebesque kitchen splash
Herringbone Marble Pattern

Marble Tile Patterns Floors

  • Square Lay. This is the most common marble or tile pattern, possibly because it is the easiest to install or because it is the least distracting. Tiles are laid side by side and form straight lines which make grids similar to graph paper. If going for the modern marble tile look, this would be a good pattern to use.
  • Offset. Each tile is offset. The lines do not line up. This can be achieved with a square tile. If a rectangle tile is used it is called a running bond pattern.
  • Diagonal. The tile is laid on a 45-degree angle creating a diamond pattern, as opposed to square. This is a popular pattern with marble, as it is seen as more elegant.
  • Herringbone. This shape is created when rectangular tiles are installed in a 45-degree V shape. It can have the effect of expanding a small room.