Shellstone Tile in Palm Beach and Martin County

The timeless beauty of  Shellstone Tile makes it a top contender for any residential or commercial application. While many porcelain manufacturers have tried to imitate this unique natural stone, all have fallen short and  have failed to have captured the inherent essence of the stone.

Formed at the bottom of a seabed, the material is full of shells. Each piece carries a footprint of marine life unlike any other. 

Benefits of Shellstone Tile

  • Neutral Color. The neutral color has got to be at the top of the list of benefits of this natural stone. The background tone is a pale cream, but the shells lend a hint of grey and white. This subtle blend of colors provides a backdrop suitable to any color palette.

  • Non Slip Texture. The stone naturally has a non-skid texture. Whether using inside or out, this is a bonus for those concerned about sliding on a wet spot.  

  • Cool Under Heat. While some materials, porcelain or natural stone, can have a tendency to absorb heat, Shellstone does not. This makes it a perfect candidate for pool decks or patios, anywhere one wants to go barefoot without fear of getting a hot foot.

  • Defies Dirt. This is a material that won’t show every spec of dirt. It looks good in between cleaning. In fact, the floor will look so good that many may be tempted to forgo cleaning, however keeping a regular cleaning schedule will keep this floor looking brand new for years. 

  • Bountiful Nature. Brimming with mother earth, adding shellstone anywhere in the home is like breathing the outdoors into an atmosphere.
Jupiter Shellstone
Shellstone Tile in Jupiter

The Many Shapes of Shellstone

In addition to flat tiles, Shellstone can be cut into moldings and other shapes such as round columns, fountains, fireplaces, benches and other architectural elements.

Texture Trove

  • Sawcut Surface.  As the name implies, the sawcut texture has had no other finishing work applied. With this texture, you may still see the blade marks that were made as the saw blades cut through the stone.
  • Honed Surface.  The honed surface takes the sawcut material and grinds the blade marks smooth, but stops short of adding any sheen to the material.
  • Polished Surface. Like other natural stone, shellstone can be polished, which makes the material shine.
  • Brushed Surface.  The brushed process adds a rough tactile feel to shellstone. This texture is perfect for walls and columns.
Shellstone Deck and Steps
  • Material: Shellstone Honed
  • Application: pool deck and steps
  • Shellstone is an excellent choice for pool decks
  • This natural stone does not retain heat
  • and it is not slippery when wet
Shellstone Molding
  • Material: Shellstone Brushed Texture
    Molding used at the Ritz Carlton
  • Available: Custom order
  • Just about any size or shape is available
  • Material: Shellstone Honed
  • Application: Interior flooring
  • Sizes: 12×12, 12×24, 16×16, 18×18, 24×24

Ritz Lobby

  • Material: Shellstone Brushed
  • Applications: Material can be used for
    Interior walls, floors, moldings, fireplaces, columns
Ritz Carlton Lobby
  • Material: Shellstone Brushed