Shellstone is a neutral backdrop for any decor – from formal/traditional to coastal/cottage. The Stone Quarry of Jupiter carries a variety of shellstones in a wide range of sizes including custom architectural elements. 

Shellstone Deck and Steps
  • Material: Shellstone Honed
  • Application: pool deck and steps
  • Shellstone is an excellent choice for pool decks
  • This natural stone does not retain heat
  • and it is not slippery when wet
Shellstone Molding
  • Material: Shellstone Brushed Texture
    Molding used at the Ritz Carlton
  • Available: Custom order
  • Just about any size or shape is available
  • Material: Shellstone Honed
  • Application: Interior flooring
  • Sizes: 12×12, 12×24, 16×16, 18×18, 24×24

Ritz Lobby

  • Material: Shellstone Brushed
  • Applications: Material can be used for
    Interior walls, floors, moldings, fireplaces, columns
Ritz Carlton Lobby
  • Material: Shellstone Brushed