Tile Flooring - Ceramic VS Porcelain

5 things you should know before you buy tile.

  1. Not all tile is created equal. Some tile is porcelain tile and some tile is ceramic tile.
    To read more about the differences between Ceramic tile and Porcelain tile, click here.
  2. Floor Tile and Wall Tile are Not interchangeable. Check back for more in-depth posts on this.
  3. If it’s not installed correctly, tile can crack. Stay tuned for a future post on how to install tile correctly.
  4. Size does matter. Check back often. We will be posting articles on how to pick the correct size tile for various rooms.
  5. Tile comes in different strengths. Some can even be used in heavy-duty industrial applications. Check back for more on this.

While some homeowners may want to dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of tile – others will be more interested in the aesthetic revolution that has taken the tile world by storm. Tile that looks like wood has become a big part of that revolution.

Tile that looks like Wood

Wood-look tile flooring has become the “go-to” product for homeowners and there is no end in sight. This look combines the practicality of tile and the design options of wood. Check back for a more in-depth article about wood plank flooring.

Large-Format Tile

Size is another major change in the tile industry. In the past, 8×8 and 12×12 tiles were standard fare. With advances in technology and customers seeking less grout, manufacturers tested the waters with 18×18 and 24×24 tiles, sizes which are common in the marble industry. Over time, those larger sizes caught on.

Now manufacturers are rolling out ever larger and larger tiles.  Just recently, a 30×30 tile was considered cutting edge. But then came the 32×32 followed by the 36×36 and now tiles are even available as large as 48×48.

As long as there is a demand for bigger, manufacturers will probably find ways to fill that demand.

Tile that’s out of the Box

When I think of tile, I think of a square that is flat. Perhaps, if I’m living on the edge, I might picture a rectangle – again it would be flat.

But there is so much more available. Let’s start with shapes. Tile now comes in hexagons and triangles and other shapes. Some is even waterjet fabricated, like marble, to create intricate patterns and designs.

Then there is texture. Tile is not necessarily flat anymore. In an ever increasing effort to think outside the box, tile is now available in everything from minimal texture to 3d textures.

A minimal texture may mimic real wood – giving not just a visual illusion of grain, but adding the textile illusion as well. Or the effect might  mimic a rough surface one would expect to find on a piece of flamed granite. But the 3d textures are some of the most dramatic.

Predominately used on walls, these textures can add depth and flare to an otherwise flat  space.

Colors and Styles

Advances in technology have also brought a realism that has paved the way for tiles that fit just about any décor. Everything from industrial to cottage is now available in a tile format. 


Visual: Wood look porcelain
Size: 10×64
Color Shown: More Bianco
Other colors in series: Noce, Miele, Grigio, Ciliegio

Product pictured is one of hundreds of varieties of porcelain tile that look like wood available at the Stone Quarry.

Porcelain Tile

  • Available in 24×24 and 12×24
  • Product shown is one of thousands of floor and wall tiles available at The Stone Quarry.


  • Product: Porcelain Tile
  • Visual: Polished Marble 
  • Floor: Geo Gala Crema
  • Walls: Geo Gala Perla
  • Other Colors: Pulpis Ivory, Pulpis Perla, Statuary Blanco
  • Sizes: 30×30, 15×30, 3×3 Mosaic on 12×12 sheet, 3×30 bullnose
  • Product shown in one of hundreds of large-format tiles available at The Stone Quarry. Other sizes include: 48×48, 24×48, 32×32, 36×36 in a variety of  visuals including polished marble, limestone, matte finish stone, travertine, concrete, contemporary looks.

Ceramic Tile

  • Product: Ceramic Tile
  • Sizes: 4×12 wall tile
  • Colors: Available in 12 colors
  • Product shown is one of hundreds of subway format tiles available at The Stone Quarry. Materials available in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.