Travertine in Jupiter, FL

What is Travertine?

Some would say travertine tile is marble. That would be incorrect, but understandable, as the product has been marketed as marble for years.

But what is travertine, really? And why should I care?

Why Does Is Matter?

Don’t get me wrong, I love travertine flooring. But I know all it’s character flaws and love it despite those flaws. I’m not caught off guard by it’s natural tendencies. More on that later. Back to answering the question. What is travertine? Travertine is a limestone that was formed in a hot mud spring. Some holes sit just beneath a thin veneer of stone. Those can open as high heels hit just the right spot. Also, the filler used to at the factory to patch the holes can come loose. Therefore travertine flooring does require maintenance to keep the holes filled.  Despite it’s need for ongoing upkeep, travertine is a hugely popular material for flooring and for good reason. It is beautiful.

Travertine Pavers Near Me

How it was formed, gives rise to it’s issues. You may have seen travertine pavers and noticed that the texture is full of holes.  Those holes are a result of the bubbling action that occurred in the hot spring as it was forming. And thus we have the potential flaw for those who are caught off guard. All travertine, whether used inside or out, has some degree of holes.  When used inside, as travertine flooring, factories generally fill the holes, but they are still there.

Travertine Tile Colors

One may wonder how Travertine tile colors are formed. It’s based on the mineral content in the earth where the hot spring was percolating. A little bit of iron and a dash of something else and you get gold travertine.  In fact, there are many different shades of travertine. Including nearly white, tan, brown, grey, pink, red and gold.

Sizes Available

Travertine comes in a variety of sizes. The most popular sizes for interior travertine flooring would be 24×24, 18×18 and the travertine french pattern. The travertine french pattern also comes in a thicker paver used for exterior applications. Outside, the 6×12 is a popular size due to the cost. But the travertine french pattern is also popular.
travertine honed and filled floors and walls
French Travertine

Where to Use Travertine

Travertine pool deck. Travertine pool decks are hugely popular. In this application, pavers (same stone, but a thicker cut) can be used and set in the sand. Or thin travertine tiles can be set over concrete.
Walnut Travertine Driveway
Travertine Driveways. Well suited to creating a picturesque décor, the travertine driveway has grown in popularity. However, because of the extra weight, it is not recommended using pieces larger than 6×12. 
Travertine Backsplash. Once all the rage, the travertine backsplash lends an air of old-world charm to any kitchen.